Are Hybrid SUV’s a Waste of Time

Hybrid Cars without a doubt are the future of motoring for the foreseeable future any way, as it helps to cut down the amount of green house gasses which in effect all helps towards making the environment much better for us and our children

Many of us know about the concept of how a Hybrid car works and what the end goals are and this is such a great technology, but when it comes to having that same technology put in an SUV that is when I start to wonder what the point is, what we are looking for here are vehicles that can get quite a lot of mpg and many Hybrid Cars will give you 50 to 60 MPG easy, but when you think that with an SUV you will be lucky to get around 25 to 30 MPG OK so it is around the same of a standard small car with a small engine, but are the car makers going about this all wrong

Why do we have to have cars with these huge engines, which as I can see is always targeted for the American market which pretty soon they will have to take their head out of the sand and start to set a trend in the hybrid market, because if the U.S will get responsible then I bet many others will follow and as a result the car makers will have to change their ways as well

Come on we all need to make a stand and one of those ways are to stop making cars with huge engines which in my mind is totally unnecessary

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