Who Gets Named As The SUV Of The Year 2007?

Motor Trend magazine is one of the most popular and most widely read magazines that share sights and information on anything and everything in the automotive world. Annually, it also does pick the best vehicles and the best products and give these awards that show that the magazine recognizes the products for their outstanding features and capabilities.

Just recently, the Motor Trend magazine has already voted the winner for one of the most coveted titles that the magazine gives out: the best SUV of the year. So now you are asking which vehicle takes the title?

It looks like the Mercedes Benz GL 450 has been the victor when the magazine’s editors voted. The Mercedes Benz GL 450 had to contend with twenty two other vehicles in the sport utility vehicle field. Such recognition for the vehicle just shows off that the SUV has got something more to offer than the other SUVs. Although most of the SUVs that were chosen as finalists were able to offer the capacity to be easily accessorized with products like Hawk brakes, Hedman hedders, and Husky mats, the features that the Mercedes Benz GL 450 outshined every other vehicle.

“The first full size sport utility from Mercedes has astonishing technology… and it will be available in a version that runs on the new low sulphur diesel fuel for greater gas mileages,” says Angus MacKenzie, the editor in chief of Motor Trend. In this statement, he is referring to the Mercedes Benz GL 450.

So how did the whole team at Motor Trend choose which vehicle should get the award?

According to Motor Trend, they had to test each vehicle with various criteria in mind. The vehicles had to go through tests for on-road which was done on public highways and test sites. Off road features and capacity was also tested by the team. The criteria that the Motor Trend team used to judge the vehicles included the vehicles’ functionality, the space that they had, equipment, build quality, appointments, and other technical areas. They also made sure that the vehicles’ value for money was also included for it was sure important to see if the price was just right.

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